Laser Skin Care


  • Enhanced fibroblast formation and collagen synthesis with improved tissue strength values
  • Smoothes skin and reduces wrinkles with increased microcirculation
  • Neovascularization of lymphatic and blood vessels as well as vasodilatation, improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage (resorption of oedema)
  • Larger quantity of granulation tissue and accelerated epithelization
  • Increased activity of osteoblasts promote the formation of callus
  • Regulation of muscle tissue including myocardium
  • Enhancement of peripheral nerve re-growth
  • Prevention of central nerve degeneration and regeneration of peripheral axons after injury
  • Enhanced immune response and performance


  • Gives your body the energy it needs to repair itself
  • Builds collagen
  • Builds elastin
  • Increases microcirculation to skin
  • Helps repair the fibrous matrix to reduce wrinkles
  • Makes skin look healthy and radiant
  • Repairs and reduces scars and acne blemishes
  • Supports Anti-Aging, Healing and Pain Relief
  • Non-Invasive
  • Painless treatment
  • No downtime
  • Extremely safe and easy to use


Results of facial resurfacing, whether undertaken chemically or by high power laser, can be optimised by the additional use of low level laser to aid the skin regrowth and minimise possible complications such as pain, erythema, infection rate and itching.


Good results are achieved with laser therapy treatment for cases of acne, both acute and chronic. It appears to reduce sebaceous gland production, it prevents scarring and encourages skin regeneration. Existing acne scarring can also be improved. 

With Psoriasis and Eczema, traditional treatments prove more effective when low level laser is introduced as a complementary measure.

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